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John Foster Hall

University of Leicester, 2006
A scheme of 581 student rooms and social facilities positioned around a site of mature trees.
The University of Leicester is one of the UKs leading Universities and a prominent member of the international academic community. Sustaining this position in a highly competitive global market requires high quality facilities in both the academic and residential environs. Goddard Manton was selected, by limited competition, to provide new student accommodation and associated social facilities matching the aspirations of the University. Retention and upgrades to the current facilities was considered and found to be commercially prohibitive and lacking the desired enhancement to the locality. One of the primary objectives was a phased construction to achieve a rolling programme over the period of two academic years, commencing in September 2003. The first phase comprised of 298 rooms, together with the complete road system through the site and associated landscaping. Following completion of the first phase in August 2004, students in the existing buildings transferred to the new accommodation, releasing the old buildings for demolition and the construction of the second phase of 283 rooms. Works to the new facilities building commenced in the summer of 2004.


  • Size: 1,000m2
  • Value: 12,000,000
  • Client: University of Leicester

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